The Long-term Mindset in Time of Short-term Hysteria: Part Three

Can we overcome short-term thinking, disruption mania and quarterly earnings hysteria? The answer is twofold: yes, but not any time soon. The portents certainly look grim, if you consider the following. As marketers, politicians, app builders and the like gain ever-deeper insights into how the mind works and how to get us hooked, they will exploit our emotions and System-1 thinking in ever more sophisticated ways.

1. Practice long-term thinking

There is a difference between talking about long-term thinking and actually doing it. To quote Larry Fink from Black Rock:

2. Post-tenure remuneration

To engender a workforce that is in it for the long-run, some companies make all employees shareholders in the company. This employee-shareholder model is often used by family-owned businesses (like Ricardo Semler’s Semco Partners), but also by start-ups. The latter use this strategy to retain scarce talent for a few years.

3. Make it sexy

Instant gratification, disruption, the bestseller Hooked and Stanford’s Habit Summit all have one thing in common: they are cool. It is cool to disrupt things. The University of Southern California even uses the term to market its business programme: ‘The Academy empowers the next generation of disruptors to change the face of society’.



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