SYZ extends its investment offering to private equity by partnering with the global private equity group ACE & Company

In order to respond to changes in the needs of its private and institutional clients, the Swiss banking group SYZ is extending its range of available asset classes by offering investments in private equity to its clients, in partnership with the global private equity group Ace & Company, which will identify and manage these investments.

In the current environment marked by very low interest rates — or even negative in the case of the Swiss franc — and high equity volatility, SYZ already offers investors a series of high-added value investment solutions that are generally less correlated with conventional markets, such as multi-asset strategies, absolute return, credit and multi-management products. To extend the range of solutions offered, SYZ has entered into a partnership with ACE & Company, a recognized global private equity group. “A modern private bank has to continuously meet the needs of its clients and offer them viable and high-performing solutions. Thanks to its high potential returns and low correlation with the main markets, private equity is an attractive asset class that has its place in diversified portfolios of sophisticated clients but which requires specific expertise,” said Eric Syz, CEO of SYZ.

ACE & Company will present private equity investment opportunities to a SYZ ad hoc investment committee, which will assess them based on rigorous selection criteria. These products will then be offered to institutional or private clients of the SYZ Group.

Founded in 2005, ACE & Company is a global private equity group specialized in co-investments with 32 employees in five offices worldwide. The group is able to invest across the entire range of private equity investments, from business angel to buyout, including growth capital and special situations.

Commenting on the new partnership with Swiss banking group SYZ, Adam Said, CEO and founder of ACE & Company, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with SYZ thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the companies and deals we invest in. We will be advising our partners and investors in what we know best, collaborating with them and aligning the interests of different stakeholders.”

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