ACE Virtual Events: An Interview with Stephen A. Schwarzman

Last Thursday ACE had the privilege to have Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Blackstone join us for an exclusive virtual interview! Adam Said (CEO of ACE) moderated the discussion and was later joined by Rob Callahan, (Portfolio Manager of ACE’s Buyout Strategy) for a lively recap. Topics included everything from COVID 19 and the impact on investment, to the US political transition and 2021 predictions. A big thank you to those who joined us for our first virtual event of the year! We hope to continue to welcome interesting guests from the ACE network and will be sure to keep you posted. Please find some highlights below.

Are we past the worst of COVID?

“We are going to go to a much more normalized world by the end of 2021…fundamentally we will move out of this period.”

What is your advice for next generation investors?

“I have advice for people who are in entrepreneurial positions. You can be an entrepreneur by yourself or you can be an entrepreneur inside organizations. Find something amazing, I call them worthy fantasies. What would be a terrific thing that you can innovate that people would want? Where do you see a profound opportunity? I find these things happen every year or two. They don’t happen that often. When they happen they are almost too good to believe, but when you see something that you think has got enormous value or opportunities for creating something you have to make sure it’s big. Because you only as a person can only work on one thing at a time. It has a be a big thing, better be big enough to justify you spending your life on. If it’s big you can attract other people to help you. Whether it’s investment or non for profit. Then you throw everything at it.”



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